Process & Engagement Models


Process & Engagement Models

to re-think your process?


Quality Processes:
Our ambition to strive for excellence is at the core of our quality processes. For us, quality is everyone’s responsibility and the basis for achieving mastery in software engineering.
We have a Quality Management System (QMS) certified against ISO 9001:2015 to ensure we deliver quality software to our clients.
Amongst our quality management principles, you will find a focus on clients, leadership, the engagement of people, and relationship management. Also, our approach is process-based, and decision making is evidence-based.

Engagement Models We Offer:

All of our contract types Include, these are specific to web development and QA:

    • Strong non-disclosure obligations
    • Statement of Work
    • Management and reporting terms
    • Maintenance and support conditions
    • Full transfer of intellectual property rights on the code and documentation that we will develop for you
    • Payment terms depending on the contract type as the rates on service type might vary
    • Other general conditions typical for master service agreements
Choose the engagement model that best suits your needs and benefit from quality, flexibility, and ability to scale
Fixed Bid | Dedicated Team| Time & Material |Outstaffing

Fixed Bid

  • Working efficiently on the projects with clear, stable, and settled requirements.
  • The cost to build an app is fixed and discussed before the fulfillment of the project
  • Only pre-discussed ‘milestones’ of the project are charged, we expect the payment once it is finished.

Time and Material (T&M)

  • Ideal for the projects that are expected to change or don’t have clear requirements
  • The cost of software development is based on direct labor hours at a pre-discussed hour rate
  • Working efficiently when the client requires some parts of the project off-loaded in time.


  • It perfectly works for sophisticated, long-lasting projects
  • Full control over the development process
  • Significant cost-savings on infrastructure, social benefits, etc.
  • Fast and simple access to the skills your project needs.

Dedicated Team

  • Perfect for all types of projects
  • The team is 100% dedicated and managed by the customer
  • No hiring efforts, lower TCO, ability to quickly scale the team.

Quality Management protects & future proofs your business

Quality Management protects & future proofs your business. In today’s competitive market place, customers are increasingly demanding that organisations demonstrate a commitment to Quality Management and continual improvement. At SoftLabs Quality comes first and the organisation is certified to demonstrate their commitment.

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Why SoftLabs?

At SoftLabs, we implement an individual approach to each customer as the project scope and requirements may vary. Some clients turn to us with a brief project description, while others – with comprehensive information on the project (documentation, design, mockups, wireframesetc). No matter what requirements you have, we are always ready to help you. Learn how to start working with us.


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