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SoftLabs offers a variety of training services developed and tailored to enrich the knowledge of the workforce and optimise solution implementation. Our training services are structured to equip key users with expert knowledge, prepare end-users to operate the solution and ensure knowledge retention throughout the organisation.

We offer different training catalogues to meet the unique needs. Our training services are developed based on a holistic picture of the individual IT professionals as well as the organisations.

SoftLabs provides training services for Pre-Sales Analysis, Business Analysis, Software Testing, Agile Testing and Certification Trainings.

We are an endorsed education provider for Business Analysis recognized by IIBA® We are also attested by ISTQB to the standards in testing training and certification exams.

We take pride in having an excellent team of trainers. Each trainer has extensive field experience in managing advanced IT infrastructure technology from major vendors. As such, we’re also able to integrate various solutions and technologies that can be deployed within your organisation environment to build and design instructions that form customized end-user product training. Such end-user product training programmes are sometimes preferred over standard certification courses.

One of our aims for the Students is to develop their employability skills, helping them to become ‘job-ready’.

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To deliver on all requests we use our own portfolio as well as the portfolios of our contract partners. With our Training Services you will expend considerably less effort in the operational training business. If required, we can provide you with an individually tailored services with its own training catalogue.

SoftLabs IT Training Services includes:

Pre - Sales Analysis

Business Analysis

Software Testing 

Software Testing

Software Testing
Agile Testing

Software Testing

Software Testing 

Test Team Lead





Business Analysis

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Unified Modeling Language
  • Business Test Analyst
  • Requirements Gathering + Business Testing
  • UML+ Business Testing
  • Certified Business Analyst Professional(CBAP)

Pre – Sales Analysis

  • How to be a Pre - Sales Analyst
  • Proposal Writing
  • How to write RFP / RFQ

Software Testing

  • How to be a Test Analyst
  • Automation Testing - HP UFT
  • Atlassian - JIRA Software
  • Manual Testing +ISTQB
  • Test Team Leadership

Why SoftLabs?

    Customised training combines high-quality instruction with the interaction and feedback to deliver tailored content to individuals in a flexible way. You can choose the dates and times that work best for you and shift focus to the highest-value topics. You can also customise the course relevant to the need. We have designed a suite of learning services structured to meet your needs. These services can be customised to meet any special requirements within your organisation and each have their own features and benefits.

Our modes of Training includes : 

    • Customised Training - Our customised training provides individuals towards a tailored curriculum to meet their needs. Classes can be taught in person or virtually with a live instructor. Either way, we will give your team comprehensive, high-quality training 
    • Self - Paced Online Training-Learn at your own convenience and at your own pace, SoftLabs offer self-paced online training courses. Our courses contain series of videos that will help you prepare for the Business Analysis and Software Testing. 
    • Public Training -These online classes are held by a live SoftLabs instructor. While not as highly customised as our custom training courses, you will still be learning from a real instructor from SoftLabs who can help your make the most out of their training sessions. 
    • Corporate Training -SoftLabs creates training around the specific requirements of your organisation at highly competitive prices. This is ideal if you have a limited training budget, but are looking for the kind of powerful and targeted training that low-cost online training programs cannot effectively provide.

SoftLabs Training Courses - Feb | Mar 2021 - Early Bid Offer - Avail discounts on all our training courses

Manual Testing - How to be a Test Analyst -(7 day course = $1,000 + GST)
Automation Testing - HP UFT -(4 day course = $750 + GST)
ISTQB Foundation Level- (4 day course = $1,000 + GST)
Atlassian - JIRA Software -(Short course = $750 + GST)
Manual Testing +ISTQB -(6 day course = $1,250 + GST)
Agile Testing -(2 day course = $750 + GST)
Test Team Leadership -(4 day course = $1,000 + GST)

Course Name: How to be a Test Analyst

Duration:  Part Time: 26 Days / Full Time: 5 Days 

Software Testing 

Introduction and Fundamentals

  • Input & Outputs
  • Hardware & Software
  • Interfaces & Types of Interfaces
  • Databases & SQL Queries
  • What is Testing?
  • Why Testing?
  • Objectives of Testing


Test Environments & Models

  • Introduction to Environments
  • Types of Environments
  • Why different Environments?
  • What is Data?
  • Types of Data
  • SDLC Models


Responsibilities of Test Analyst

  • Test Principles.
  • Soft skills required for a Test Analyst.

Quality Standards

  • Quality standards
  • ISO
  • CMMi
  • TMMi

Test Phases and Techniques

  • Test Phases/Test Types
  • Testing Techniques
  • Static Testing Techniques
  • Dynamic Testing Techniques
    1. White box testing techniques
    2. Black box testing techniques

Test Methodology

  • Fundamental Test Process/Test Process Activities
  • Incident Management
  • Test Documentation

Test Life Cycle

  • Software Test Life Cycle
  • Test Documentation  

*** Case Studies in each session

  *** Project work after completion of the course

How to be a Business Analyst -(6 day course = $1500 + GST)
Requirements Gathering +Business Testing -(3 day course = $750 + GST)
Unified Modeling Language + Business Testing -(2 day course = $750 + GST)
Certified Business Analyst -(3 day course = $1,500 + GST)
Atlassian -  Confluence (Document Collaboration) -(Short course = $500 + GST)

Course Name: How to be a Business Analyst

Duration:  Part Time: 40 Days / Full Time: 6 Days 

Business Analysis


Business Analysis Fundamentals

·         Inputs vs. Outputs

·         Hardware

·         Software

·         Databases

·         Interfaces

Business Analysis in SDLC

·         Business Analysis – What is it?

·         Business Analysis – Why?

·         Business Analysis in SDLC

·         SDLC Models

·         Waterfall Model

o   V – Model

o   RAD Model

o    RUP Model

Roles and Responsibilities

·         Who is Business Analyst?

·         Quality of Business Analyst?

·         Skill Set Required

·         Core Responsibilities

·         Role in SDLC

Requirements Process

·         The Requirements process

·         What are requirements?

·         Business requirements

·         Types of  requirements

·         Categorizing requirements

·         Characteristics of good requirements

·         Principles of collecting good requirements

Project Requirements

·         Project Requirements

·         Kinds of Project Requirements

·         Context Diagram

Functional and Non Functional Requirements

·     Functional Requirements

·     Non – Functional Requirements

Elicitation of Requirements

·         Elicitation

·         Skills to be used

·         Procedure

·         Constraints in Eliciting Requirements

·         Techniques

·         Creating Models

·         Assisting the user

·         Interview users

·         Document Analysis

·         Market Survey

·         Brainstorming

·         Working with business events

·         Observe structures and patterns

·         Prototyping

Analysis of Requirements

·     Requirement Analysis

·     Analysis - Techniques

o   Business Process Analysis(BPA)

o   Object Oriented Analysis(OOA)

o   Structured Analysis(SA)

·     Context Diagram

·     Use cases

·     Actors

Specification of Requirements

·     Writing the Specification

·     When do you Need Requirements Document

·     Usage of Specification 

·     Rules to Write Good Requirements  

·     Correct Representation of Same Requirement

·     Common Problems   

·     Use of Terms    

·     Requirement Structure and Grammar     

·     Functional Requirement Specifications 

·     Explanation of the Contents

Verifying the Requirements

·     Requirements specification process

·     Techniques for Verification

·     Checking Parameter

·     Traceability Matrix

·     Importance of Traceability Matrix

·     How to create a Traceability Matrix

·     Sign Off


Introduction to Object Oriented Concepts

·     Understand the basic principles of object orientation.

·     Understand the basic concepts and terms of object orientation and the associated UML notation.

·     Appreciate the strengths of object orientation.

·     Understand some basic UML modeling mechanisms.

OO Concepts

·     Object

·     Class

·     Attribute

·     Operation or Methods

·     Messages

·     Component

·     Package

UML Diagrams

·     What is UML?

·     Official Definition

·     Constitution of UML

·     History of UML

·     Why Use UML?

·     UML and Diagrams

·     UML Notation and Semantics

Use Case Diagrams

·     What is a Use Case?

·     Qualities of Use Case

·     Actor

·     Relationships in Use Cases

o    Including a Use Case

o    Extending a Use Case

·     Use Case Diagrams

Behavioral Diagrams

·     Activity Diagrams

·     Activity Diagram Notation

·     Concurrent paths

·     Signaling

·     Swimlanes

·     State Chart Diagram

·     State

·     State Diagrams Notation

Class Diagrams

·     Class Diagrams

·     Class

·     Notation for Classes

·     Attributes

·     Operations or Methods

·     Responsibilities and Constraints

·     Relationships – Association

·     Multiplicity Values and Their Indicators

·     Aggregation    

·     Composition

·     Generalization

·     A Complete Class Diagram

Interaction Diagrams

·     Interaction Diagrams

·     Sequence Diagrams

·     Collaboration Diagrams

Physical Diagrams

·     Physical Diagrams

·     Component Diagrams

·     Why Component Diagrams?

·     Diagram Conventions

·     Deployment Diagrams

·     Deployment Diagrams Notation


Introduction to B.T.A

·     Testing Environments & Models

·     Introduction to different types of data

·     Environments

·     What is Testing

·     The Test Process

·     What is Business Testing?

·     Difference between Business Testing and System Testing?

·     Concepts of Business Test Analyst

*** Case Studies in each session

  *** Project work after completion of the course


How to be a Pre Sales  Analyst -(6 day course = $1000 + GST)
Proposal Writing -(2 day course = $750 + GST)
How to write RFP / RFQ -(2 day course = $750 + GST)

Course Name: How to be a Pre Sales Analyst

Duration:  Part Time: 26 Days / Full Time: 5 Days 

Pre Sales Analysis


Responsibilities of Pre Sales Analyst

  • What is Pre Sales?
  • Who is Pre Sales Analyst?
  • Skill Set Required
  • Core Responsibilities


  • Solution Process
  • RACI Matrix
  • Types of Questions
  • Communicating
  • Co coordinating
  • Developing Trust


Pre Sales Life Cycle Management

  • Responding to RFP – Proposal Writing
  • Competitor Analysis and market scanning
  • Interfacing with other internal groups

Proposal Writing Strategies

  • Define – Request for Proposal
  • Products and Services
  • 10 Steps to Respond
  • 5 Cs for Proposal Review
  • Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Writing and Pricing Tips

*** Case Studies in each session

  *** Project work after completion of the course


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